Clean, functional, organised

Accordions aren't just for bush bands - they're also an excellent tool for managing content. If your page has lots of content, you may be asking a lot of your visitors by expecting them to scroll through it all. The accordion tool allows you to organise your content so visitors can quickly and easily find what they're looking for. Once your accordion is set up, you can also reorder, add or delete items.

Add or edit the items to be displayed. When adding an item, the following attributes can be added/edited :

  • Title- Sets a title that will be displayed
  • Content- allows you to add simple text and provides common word-processing tasks to manage and format your text. It can also be used to add hyperlinks to other pages in your site, external websites, and documents.

You can also link to internal sites, external sites or to a document.

You canteen add images and videos in your accordion.

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