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After several months of research and involvement from the community, we have drafted a concept for the new park. Explore the concept and leave your feedback so we can fine-tune the proposals.

Draft Masterplan

The overall concept plan shows the structure and key design proposals for the park. You can learn more by clicking each proposal on the interactive plan. Then continue on to view details of some of the park's most significant features and rate the plan.

South End

The south end of the park will be transformed to an inviting, green oasis providing people the opportunity to both recreate and passively sit and relax. Explore the concept plan for the southern edge of the park and leave your feedback.

Main Entry

The main entry to the park will create a relaxing transition from the hard city edge to the tranquility of the park within. Plantings will progressively soften the environment as visitors leave the city for the relaxing urban oasis that lies inside.

You can view a before and after shot of the proposed design of the main entry way below.

Before After

A new cafe at the entry will activate the space, promoting activity while increasing the natural surveillance of the area. At nighttime, CCTV and extensive lighting will promote safety for people using the park outside of daytime hours.

Memorial Fountain

After taking several steps into the Park from the City, visitors will arrive at the Memorial Fountain, a monument commemorating the fallen soldiers of World War II. Grand views of the city skyline set amongst a forest of green is intended to give people pause to reflect on the sacrifices of our forebearers.

The fountain will be made of sandstone mined from local sources and built with recycled materials to reduce its environmental footprint. Local artisans will be employed to create up to 25 new local jobs over the next 3 years of work.

Anzac Fountain

The reflecting pool and fountain will promote serenity and calmness, contrasting it to the busy surrounding city streets.

You can get a better idea of the new public space by explore the virtual view of the fountain area below. For an even better impression of what the space will look like, enable the Virtual Reality mode while on a mobile device and view in a pair of compatible VR goggles.

Leave feedback

What do you think of the proposed concept plan for the new park? Rate the plan and provide locally-specific feedback below.

Rate the masterplan Required

Rate the draft masterplan concept based on the established criteria.

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Relaxation and tranquility
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